About Us

The company was incorporated in April, 2018 when its operations were separated from its sister company, The Rainmakers’ Forum. It maintains clients for video production and social media services in multiple states.

Bruce D. Stout, President: In addition to steering the direction of the company, Bruce is the Executive Producer of many educational and promotional TV shows for businesses and charities, including “SCORE Business TV”, “Spotlight on Charities” and “Taking Care of Mom & Dad”. An on-air personality for many years, he was also the CEO of a California – based entertainment company, producing various programs, including an exercise video starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Originally a practicing CPA, Bruce is the author of numerous marketing and strategic planning books/courses. He was a spokesperson for First Transamerica Life Insurance Company – among many others – teaching accountants, attorneys, business owners, and financial services professionals how to be more effective client developers. Bruce is also a SCORE mentor.

Fred Dunayer, Executive VP: Fred directs our studio productions, in addition to managing quality control and product distribution. His background is in Information Technology, specializing in financial systems and technology management. A SCORE mentor and past long-time member of SCORE’s Executive Committee, he has helped many businesses develop their business plans and achieve their goals, as well as helping to manage a 90-person organization. As the owner of Software Engineering Associates, Inc., Fred and his staff developed and implemented application software systems for small businesses that improved their efficiency and increased their capacity to provide exceptional customer service…..

Rosario Mazer-Stout, On-Air Host/Interviewer and Translator: Rosario is an experienced broadcast personality hosting our Spanish video productions. Before joining us, she was assistant to the President of Mexico and a fashion model in Mexico City and Tokyo. Rosario also appeared in many TV commercials. She is a peak performance coach and is certified as an Advanced Consciousness Trainer. Rosario possesses years of experience in the fashion modeling and image enhancement fields and was an owner of a New York Fashion modeling agency. She was also a board member of Curious Minds, an ethical and philosophical think tank, and founder of Women Loving Life, a celebration of female power and wisdom.

Cristina Wilcox, Director and Translator: Cristina is the Spanish language video director and translator for our social media services. She was featured recently in Art, Food & Fun TV, sharing her journey as a painter artist. Cristina is a versatile linguist with a strong international background. Besides the USA, she lived and worked in Mexico in her youth and later moved to Germany, Brazil, and South Korea. Cristina is proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and conversant in German. She is a professional translator, a certified medical interpreter and has taught Spanish in college, corporate settings, and individual tutoring. Cristina has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a Licentiate in Industrial Relations.

Our video production team: We are strategic partners with Mars Vision Productions in Sarasota, Florida. The team includes camera, sound, and editing professionals as well as an expert editing staff. Our own staff also has expertise in creating video productions in remote locations.

Our digital marketing team: We assembled a cadre of young people that are experts in all aspects of SEO and social media. As a result, we can market to any targeted verticals effectively.

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