Advisory & Coaching Services

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In our Rainmakers’ Forum division, we have been providing advisory, coaching and marketing services to professionals and professional services firms for over 30 years.  In 2020, The Rainmakers’ Forum became a division of Talk Show Factory, Inc.

Our services fall into the following categories:

  1. Helping dissatisfied accountants, attorneys, consultants and other professional services firms with tight budgets reinvent themselves to increase profits and the values of their businesses.
  2. Further accelerating the success of ambitious leaders in a wide array of fields, leading them toward financial independence.
  3. Assisting financial services professionals, realtors and others secure a steady stream of qualified prospect introductions.

When clients are ready, they are offered the opportunity to be represented by us through our Subject Matter Experts Agency.  Using PR, video production services, public speaking bookings, panel discussions and social media marketing, we help them generate more business.  We also employ our proprietary system to connect them directly with client prospects.

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