Business Owners

Traditional marketing methods are giving way to a new paradigm of business growth: Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs and small business owners are challenged and missing opportunities for valid reasons:

  • Digital marketing expertise is lacking or costly to acquire.
  • Harried entrepreneurs and small business owners have little time to manage digital marketing campaigns.
  • The digital marketing field changes so rapidly that it is difficult to stay current.


The President of our sister organization, The Rainmakers’ Forum, has advised entrepreneurs and small business owners, regarding marketing, for over thirty years. He recognized the need to adapt quickly in a changing environment, and formed the Talk Show Factory to meet the challenges. Its mission: “To create and manage effective digital marketing campaigns, for harried business owners, cost-effectively.”

  • Digital marketing plans for consistent, profitable growth.
  • Broadcast quality video content for websites, social media and other marketing communications.
  • Creation and management of state-of-the-art social media marketing campaigns on all platforms: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


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