Digital Marketing Empowerment Program

Many small to mid-sized organizations cannot afford digital marketing campaigns managed by independent service providers. These campaigns can easily exceed $30,000 annually. We offer an alternative strategy: Helping you establish your own digital marketing capability and assuring its success with our continuing support. We can help you reduce your present or planned digital marketing campaign costs by between 60% and 80%.

This process consists of five elements:

  1. The Plan – Create a digital marketing strategy and tactics. Our experience and expertise will enable you to do so quickly.
  2. Staffing – Identify the people that will manage the digital marketing initiatives in-house. Typically, these are internal staff, friends, or family members. This assures affordable costs.
  3. Content Creation – Produce video content for social media. Video ads for social media are an essential ingredient. We are the pros that deliver these to you.
  4. Enabling Your People – Learn from our Digital Marketing Mastery course. We conduct a certification program taught by experts. Delivered several hours a week for a few months, it prepares your people to internally manage your digital marketing campaigns.
  5. Continuing Support – Our experts in our Digital Marketing Squad work with your people when they require assistance. A modest monthly retainer provides expert guidance through our hotline.

Companies with limited budgets DO what they can and BUY what they must. Many owners of small businesses can leverage their own internal resources to create and publish their own digital marketing content. Talk to us to find out if this strategy is right for YOUR business.

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