Social Media Mastery Course

Purpose: To empower individuals and enterprises to launch and manage digital marketing campaigns at a vastly reduced cost as compared to using third party servicing companies.

Curriculum: Mastery of all elements of social media tools, awareness, and marketing campaigns, with the added bonus of a section on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Certificate: Participants completing the course receive a certificate of achievement.

Structure: Six sessions, each requiring two hours. Courses are taught online and include a workbook and materials. Individual sessions are offered weekly, with make-up sessions available.

Individual attention: Each participant receives an individual sixty-minute confidential coaching session to enable them to commence planning for a dedicated social media awareness or marketing campaign.

Instructors: Professionals with substantial experience in the field.

Preview program: Participants may take the first two sessions of the course for a partial fee before deciding if they wish to continue.

Participation: Courses are available for single individuals or organizations, which may include up to three participants for one fee.

Fee structure: There are two levels of fees – “Individual” and “Enterprise”.

Digital Marketing Squad discounts: Subsequent to completion of the certification course, we offer continuing support programs for individuals and enterprises. Discounts are granted to participants who’ve completed the entire course.

Session 1

A) Introduction to social media:

  • History and development
  • Essential uses in awareness creation and marketing
  • The future?

B) Overview and applications of platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

C) Social media content:

  • Text
  • Photographs
  • Charts, graphs, etc.
  • Video


Session 2

A) SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • Its role in social media and other applications

B) Awareness campaigns:

  • Purpose
  • Defining audiences
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Expanding contacts/lookalike audiences


Session 3

Marketing campaigns:

  • Referral development strategy and tactics
  • Defining audiences
  • B to C strategy and tactics
  • B to B strategy and tactics


Session 4

A) Website traffic budgeting:

  • Facebook/Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Boosting
  • Evaluating results and expanding reach

B) Social media management:

  • Comparing costs of in-house management vs. using a third party
  • In-house creation management – staffing and training
  • Using a third party – negotiations and due diligence


Session 5

Three case illustrations:

  • Referral generation
  • Direct-to-end user
  • Combined


Session 6

Putting it all together:

  • Creating your own social media campaign (using our pre-programmed forms)
  • Round table with other participants



Bruce Stout: President, Talk Show Factory, Inc.
Social media marketing planner and content producer.

Fred Dunayer: Executive VP, Talk Show Factory, Inc.
Social media advisor and content producer.

David Grace: President, Abacus Web Services
SEO consultant and content designer.

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