Level 2

Expanding Your Contact Base

Goal: To generate as many video views as possible by new prospective referral sources and clients. Clicks to the website may happen, but this is an added bonus.

Why? You will begin to create an expanded awareness with referral sources and prospects. This is called a “Reach Campaign”.

How: We send videos to specifically targeted audiences. You set an advertising budget with your choice of platforms: Examples: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Your videos are sent to your existing contacts. But now, the social media platforms begin to expand your universe of contacts based upon observations of who is viewing your videos and/or clicking to go to your website.

Step 1 – Launch

Determine target refferal source and/or client categories.
15-30 second and 60-120 second video content is produced: Announcements, FAQs, Newsflashes, etc.

Step 2

Periodically post video content and distribute to your clients and contacts:
**Facebook   **Instagram   **LinkedIn   **YouTube   **Other
**Embed in newsletters and other marketing campaigns

Step 3

Post your videos as ads on various social media platforms.
A budget is set for video views (“Impressions”) and clicks to your website, which are an added bonus.
As more and more people you didn’t know before are viewing your videos,
Facebook begins to create a “lookalike” audience of new prospects and referrers.

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