Level 3

Building a Marketing Funnel to Channel Prospects to You

Goal: To increase traffic (clicks) to your website.

Why? To begin building a marketing funnel to capture prospects and convert them into clients.

How: We include “calls to action” in videos and tracking devices. Now, you will observe “hand raises”: “Likes,” longer views of your videos, clicks to your website and other actions demonstrating interest. You can also determine where new prospective business is originating by embedding dedicated phone numbers in your ads.

Step 1 – Launch

Determine target refferal source and/or client categories.
15-30 second and 60-120 second video content is produced: Announcements, FAQs, Newsflashes, etc.

Step 2

Periodically post video content and distribute to your clients and contacts:
**Facebook   **Instagram   **LinkedIn   **YouTube   **Other
**Embed in newsletters and other marketing campaigns

Step 3

Post your videos as ads on various social media platforms.
A budget is set for video views (“Impressions”) and clicks to your website, which are an added bonus.
As more and more people you didn’t know before are viewing your videos,
Facebook begins to create a “lookalike” audience of new prospects and referrers.

Step 4

Direct people that viewed the 15 – 30 second videos to the 60 – 120 second videos and your website.
A marketing funnel is created:  views  →  longer views  →  website clicks  →  client prospect conversions.

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