Level 4

Generating Leads that Demonstrate and Interest in Your Services

Goal: To engage clients.


  1. We create lead forms and collect data about prospects directly in the Facebook platform. Examples: Free consultation, subscribe to newsletter, take a poll, and enroll in a workshop.
  2. Retarget: Advertise to people who have visited your website, but have not taken further actions. This accelerates the prospect-to-client conversion process.

Step 1

Determine target refferal source and/or client categories.

Step 2

Produce 15-30 second video content: Announcements, FAQs, Newsflashes, etc.

Step 3

Periodically post video content and distribute to your clients and contacts:
**Facebook   **Instagram   **LinkedIn   **YouTube   **Other
**Embed in newsletters and other marketing campaigns

Step 4

Direct people that viewed the 15 – 30 second videos to the 60 – 120 second videos and your website.
A marketing funnel is created:  views  →  longer views  →  website clicks  →  client prospect conversions.

Step 5

Embed a “pixel” code that tracks the traffic to your website.
It collects data about the effectiveness of your social media ads and retargets prospects.
This makes visitors more likely to become clients.

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