Video Books

Appearing in “video books” is an excellent, cost-effective way for you to …

  • Engage great clients through social media marketing campaigns.
  • Reach instant “expert” status to attract preferred clients.
  • Become well-known by landing coveted speaking opportunities.

Video books are educational programs that target specific audiences.


Current Titles In Production


Recording Now


  • Doing Business in the United States: A Newcomer’s Guide
  • How to Finance Your Business Growth
  • How to Prosper as a Real Estate Investor
  • How to Recover from a Financial Crash
  • How to Cash Out High:  Your Business Sale Guide
  • The Experts’ Guide to Divorce
  • Taking Care of Mom & Dad: A Guide for Family Members


Winter 2019 / 2020


   Rainmaker’s Business How-To Series

  • How to Close a High-Ticket Services Sale
  • How to Attract Top Talent For Your Business
  • How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner
  • How to Buy the Right Business For You


   Rainmaker’s Business Survival Guide Video Series

  • The Anti-Hackers Survival Guide
  • Surviving a Sales Slump
  • Surviving a Business Financial Crisis
  • How to Buy the Right Business For You


   Rainmaker’s Personal Crisis Management Video Series

  • I Don’t Understand Money!  The Household Management Lifeline When the Check–Signer Is Gone”


They typically range between one and two hours. Packed with content, they feature trusted advisors and professional services providers who offer their expertise and insights on the topic.

Video books are meant to cover their topics thoroughly and in great detail, in an entertaining manner. They are usually presented in a “talk show” format with beautiful sets and a professional interviewer/moderator.

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